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Plasma Emission Measurement

An objectively and continuously process control of low-pressure plasma deposition techniques, such as PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), is one of the real issues today. Aside from a visual examination of the plasma's light emission, sometimes the mass spectroscopy technique is used. Specially the mass spectroscopy is neither handy to operate nor the results are easy to interpret. Compared with this, the benefits of using the OES (Optical Emission Spectroscopy) and our fiber optics coupled TranSpec spectrometers are obvious:

  • Simultaneous measurement in the spectral range 200...1000 nm
  • Detection of even very low emission intensities
  • Connectable to every vacuum chamber using a special flange
  • Maintenance-free and easy-to-use technology
  • Comfortable software PEM-ProVis Professional  right click to save - left click to open

Download Application Note: Plasma Emission Measurement  right click to save - left click to open

The plasma emission is observed inside the chamber by use of a special flexible vacuum fiber optics cable, which is connected thru a flange with another regular fiber light guide outside the chamber towards our TranSpec spectro-meter.

Note that, due to the use of these flexible vacuum fiber optics, the plasma emission can be observed at different positions inside the chamber!
Plasma Emission Measurement - Gauge Setup

The picture right beside shows a vacuum fiber feed-thru with a KF-50 flange and two FSMA adapters in order to connect a vacuum fiber inside and a regular fiber outside the chamber.

vacuum feed-thru with connected fiber optics cables