Engineer's Office for Applied Spectroscopy

Bischof-Fischer-Str. 108
73430 Aalen - Germany
Fon +49 7361 97 53 28 0
Fax +49 7361 97 53 28 5


Engineer's Office for Applied Spectroscopy supplies high-end measurement technology for the photodiode array spectroscopy. We specialize in film thickness measurement and plasma emission monitoring for lab use, in-line measurement and process controlling. Based on our experience of more than 25 years we offer customized solutions world-wide!

Film Thickness Measurement
Our TranSpec film thickness gauges use the commonly known white-light interference phenomenon for non-destructive and non-contact film thickness measurement of thin transparent layers.

Plasma Emission Measurement
The fiber optics coupled TranSpec photodiode array spectrometer observes plasma emission inside the vacuum chamber in the entire UV-VIS-NIR spectral range, simultaneously and in real-time!

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